See In Style: 3 Tips For Selecting The Perfect Frame Color For Your Eye Glasses


When most people go to get a pair of eye glasses, they tend to pick out the shape, size and color that jumps out at them. Some will opt for their favorite color of frame. However, this is the wrong way to go about picking the frame color. There are three important factors that you need to consider when selecting the color of your eye glasses frames. These include:

1. Your Skin Tone

Although skin tone is important in selecting the right shade of make-up, most people would have never thought that it was important for choosing the right color of frames. If you want your glasses to look fantastic on your face, then you need to consider the undertones of your skin. Skin undertones are broken into two categories: cool and warm.

If you have cool undertones, then your skin complexion has subtle blue colors or pink colors. You should choose frames that mimic these colors, and opt for darker shades, such as purple, blue, black or gray. If you have warm undertones, then your skin complexion has peachy, yellow or red colors. Again, you should highlight these colors when selecting eye glasses, so opt for warm shades of brown and red.

2. Your Eye Color

The color of your eyes is another important factor to consider. Similar to skin complexion, eye colors fall into two basic categories: light and dark. If you have hazel, green or blue eyes, then you are considered to have light eyes. You want your eyes to "pop" and need to opt for complementary eye glass frame colors. In other words, you want to opt for darker colors to really emphasize your eyes. Neutral colors work well too.

If you have brown eyes, then your eyes are considered dark. Brown eyes will often blend in with your skin, so you need a pair of eye glass frames that will highlight your eyes. In order to do this, you need to lean toward bright and vibrant colors, such as purple, blue and red. Neutrals are a big no-no.

3. Your Clothing Color

Most people have a color that they tend to wear more often than other colors. So as to not stand out, you want to find a frame color that mimics the clothes that you generally wear. When you go to pick out your eye glasses, make sure to wear the color of clothes that you will generally be wearing when you have your glasses on.

Your local eye clinic will have a variety of eye glass frame colors to match virtually any combination of the aforementioned factors. You will likely be overwhelmed with the choices that are offered to you, so just remember these three factors so that you can ensure you pick out a frame that will look great on you! (For more information contact Webster Eye Care Associates)


24 March 2015

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