Tips For Maintaining Your Eyeglasses' Comfort And Functionality


Eyeglasses are essential for many people that suffer from vision problems, but these devices are notoriously delicate. Unfortunately, this makes them more likely to encounter problems that can reduce their effectiveness or make them uncomfortable. In addition to making it difficult to see, these issues can also lead to headaches and other physical problems for the patient. Luckily, you can avoid some of the most common eyeglass issues by simply following these two preventative maintenance tips. 

Always Use Eyeglass Cleaner

The lenses in your glasses will need to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent dirt and dust from dramatically reducing your ability to see. Sadly, some people assume that standard glass cleaner is suitable to use on glasses, but this is actually incorrect. Glass cleaner often contains ammonia, bleach and other harsh chemicals that can strip away the antiglare coating that most glasses use. 

To avoid this problem, you should always use specially formulated eyeglass cleaner. These cleaners are formulated to easily remove smudges and dirt from the lenses without weakening the various coatings that are used to protect your glasses. Most eyeglass providers are able to provide these cleaning solutions to their customers, but if you run out before you can get to the store, avoid using anything other than plain water until you have gotten more of this cleaning solution. 

Change The Nose Pads On A Regular Basis

The nose pads are among the most important pieces of the glasses for ensuring that they sit comfortably and securely on your face However, these pages can start to warp as they age, and this will cause them to lose the ability to hold the glasses to your face. Sadly, many people assume that these are difficult parts to replace, but this is actually far from the truth. 

Most often, these pads are designed to simply pop out of place when enough pressure is applied to the bottom of them. After removing them, you just place the pads into position, and apply pressure until they have slid into the right spot. 

Taking care of your eyeglasses is essential for preventing you from having to spend money replacing them soon after you got them or having to suffer from uncomfortable glasses until you can afford more. However, many people make some simple mistakes that can compromise the functionality of their glasses. By following the routine steps of using specially formulated eyeglass cleaners and changing the nose pads, you can keep your glasses functioning well for several years to come. 

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30 March 2015

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