3 Solutions To Help Treat Dry Eyes After Lasik Surgery


Lasik surgery is a great way to permanently improve your vision. After the procedure, you no longer have to worry about misplacing your glasses or installing your contacts. After the surgery, your eyes are extremely sensitive and delicate. You may experience a number of different conditions, including dry eyes. If you did not have problems with dry eyes prior to surgery, then the condition should go away once your eyes fully heal in a few months. However, in order to make it through the pain and discomfort there are a few things you can use in order to treat dry eyes after Lasik surgery.

Eye Drops

The constant flow of tears is what keeps your eyes lubricated. They are composed of a combination of oils, water, mucus, antibodies and proteins. Once your tear-flow system is compromised or put off balance, this will result in dry eyes. This condition is commonly experienced after Lasik surgery and can be treated with the help of eye drops. Eye drops are constructed to imitate the tears that your eyes naturally produce. Adding a few drops throughout the day will help to keep your eyes moist.

Eye Plugs

Eye plugs are extremely tiny devices that are inserted into your tear ducts by your optometrist. The eye plugs are designed to prevent any moisture from leaving your eyes. This will ultimately prevent your eyes from drying out. Semipermanent plugs are recommended after Lasik surgery because they last for a few months. Once your eyes fully heal from the surgery, you typically will not need the plugs any longer.

Dry Eye Ointments

Dry eye symptoms are exacerbated at nighttime. You may go to bed with moist eyes and wake up with extremely dry eyes. An easy solution to this problem is to use dry eye ointments before you go to bed. Dry eye ointments work effectively to prevent your eyes from drying out because they are designed to provide a protective layer over your eyes. The ointment acts as a thick barrier between your eyes and external elements. Ointments should be applied at night time before you go to bed.

Lasik surgery is a convenient and often affordable solution for fixing poor eyesight. However, the surgery can result in dry eyes, which often persists until your eyes have fully healed. As a result, use this as a guide to help you treat your dry eyes after Lasik surgery.


15 October 2015

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