Eyeglass Selection Tips For Joggers


The right glasses are must if you like to jog. Not only is comfort a consideration, you also need to make sure you can see well for safety reasons. The following tips can help you pick out the right eyeglasses for jogging.

Tip #1: Opt for Composite Frames

Composite frames are flexible. They are usually made of a rubberized plastic, which means if you do drop them or step on them, they are unlikely to break. Almost any type of frame that is designed for athletic use will have some sort of composite construction. If you don't like how these look for daily wear, purchase a composite set of eyeglasses for jogging and a more traditional metal frame for everyday.

Tip #2: Check the Padding

Beyond breakage, one of the main issues with glasses not specifically made for jogging and sports is that they will irritate your ears and the bridge of your nose. This is because the glasses will constantly bounce on your face as you jog. Choose frames that have rubber pads on the ear and nose pieces. Many sports frames have these pads built right in, so they won't come loose or break off.

Tip #3: Manage the Weight

Heavy frames are also an issue, since these can also irritate your ears and nose as you jog. Opting for a lightweight frame is part of the solution. The other part is making sure the frame has a snug fit. You are less likely to notice any weight if the glasses stay in place and don't slide around as you run. You can also manage the weight by selecting a polycarbonate lens, which weighs less than other materials, like glass.

Tip #4: Get the Right Lenses

The lenses in your frames also matter. High index lenses are a standard option on most sports eyewear because they won't shatter. You should also consider having an anti-glare coating applied to the lenses. This is both useful if you run on sunny days or if you run at night, since it also cuts down on glare from headlights. An anti-scratch coating is also useful to ensure your lenses stay in good condition. If you prefer to run in sunglasses, you have two choices. You can purchase transition lenses, which darken in sunlight, or you can purchase a pair of prescription sunglasses for sunny days. If you opt for prescription sunglasses, you will need some non-tinted glasses for cloudy days. For more information, contact a vision care center such as Envision Eyecare.   


14 December 2015

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