What You Can Do About Your Vision Loss And How To Prevent It From Getting Worse


Vision loss can occur for a number of reasons, mostly with older age, but also with poor habits, such as how you eat, and the things you do in your daily routines. You could be suffering from vision loss due to health concerns, such as diabetes, or it could be related to other factors such as your family health history. If you are suffering from vision loss, there may be treatments that can help you and there may also be ways to prevent it from worsening. Read on for further information.

Preventing Vision Loss

Some vision loss may not be able to be prevented, although you may be able to do some things in order to slow the progression of the vision loss. If you are suffering from vision loss due to medical conditions, you may be able to talk to your doctor or your optometrist about certain medications that will not affect your vision, or medications that may help to slow progression.

If you are suffering from vision loss due to your everyday habits, there are changes that you can make on your own end to prevent further loss of your vision. Things such as ceasing smoking, losing weight if you are overweight, and eating a healthy diet are all things you can do to prevent worsening vision or vision loss.

If you are someone that has suffered vision loss at a slow pace due to things such as working on a computer all day, or because you are always working on technology, you can slow progression by taking breaks during the day whenever possible to prevent staring at a screen for too long and straining your eyes, or staying off of tech devices when you are not at work, as you are already on a device throughout the day. Taking breaks from these devices can help prevent your eyes from drying out and prevent further vision issues.

Treatment Of Vision Loss

Depending on the type of vision loss you are experiencing, there may be treatment options that can help you. You may be able to have vision correction surgery such as LASIK procedure, or you could have cataract surgery if you have cataracts. If you are suffering a slow progression of vision loss, corrective lenses may help you, or there may be other treatment options available. You need to discuss these treatments with your optometrist.

If you are suffering from vision loss, either from a medical concern or because of your everyday habits, there may be treatment options available. Talk to your optometrist about what options you have to treat your vision loss


29 June 2023

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