What You Can Do About Your Vision Loss And How To Prevent It From Getting Worse


Vision loss can occur for a number of reasons, mostly with older age, but also with poor habits, such as how you eat, and the things you do in your daily routines. You could be suffering from vision loss due to health concerns, such as diabetes, or it could be related to other factors such as your family health history. If you are suffering from vision loss, there may be treatments that can help you and there may also be ways to prevent it from worsening.

29 June 2023

4 Things You Should Know About Eye Redness


If the whites of your eyes have turned red, you may feel embarrassment or even alarm. While most cases of eye redness involve temporary, minor irritation, you should understand what that redness can mean and what to do about it. Keep the following four points in mind. 1. Eye Redness Can Have Many Causes Allergens, tobacco smoke, pollution, heavy alcohol consumption, and an eyelid inflammation called blepharitis can all cause temporary eye redness.

24 January 2023