What You Can Do About Your Vision Loss And How To Prevent It From Getting Worse


Vision loss can occur for a number of reasons, mostly with older age, but also with poor habits, such as how you eat, and the things you do in your daily routines. You could be suffering from vision loss due to health concerns, such as diabetes, or it could be related to other factors such as your family health history. If you are suffering from vision loss, there may be treatments that can help you and there may also be ways to prevent it from worsening.

29 June 2023

4 Things You Should Know About Eye Redness


If the whites of your eyes have turned red, you may feel embarrassment or even alarm. While most cases of eye redness involve temporary, minor irritation, you should understand what that redness can mean and what to do about it. Keep the following four points in mind. 1. Eye Redness Can Have Many Causes Allergens, tobacco smoke, pollution, heavy alcohol consumption, and an eyelid inflammation called blepharitis can all cause temporary eye redness.

24 January 2023

2 Important Things To Discuss With An Optomestrist When Transitioning To Contact Lenses


Do wear glasses and want to try contact lenses? If so, you likely know that there are different types of lenses. Perhaps you did a little research and found it overwhelming. There are several things that contact lens wearers have to keep in mind to ensure that they have a pleasant experience. Some individuals choose to wear contact lenses and keep glasses on hand. The following points highlight a few things to keep in mind as you explore this exciting transition.

2 August 2022

6 Things You Should Avoid Doing After Cataracts Surgery


Cataracts are a common eye disease that can affect a person's quality of life. Luckily, there have been many developments in the eye health field in recent years. If you have cataracts, you have the option to undergo cataracts surgery and see well again. However, in order to make a full recovery from the procedure, you must follow your eye surgeon's aftercare instructions. Here are several things you shouldn't do after cataracts surgery.

28 March 2022

Eye Floaters: What Causes Them And When Should You See An Eye Doctor About Them?


Eye floaters are the tiny specks or spiderweb shapes that sometimes appear in your vision. They're more noticeable when you're looking at a bright, white surface and after looking at a bright light. While eye floaters can sometimes be annoying, they're typically harmless. However, it can be a sign of a medical emergency known as retinal detachment if you suddenly start seeing a great number of them. To learn more about what causes eye floaters and when you should see an eye doctor about them, read on.

20 September 2021

Preparing For An Eye Exam


An eye exam can be an anxious moment for anyone. You do not know whether the doctor will diagnose you with partial blindness or whether they will recommend an advanced procedure. Whichever the case, for best results, you should go to an eye exam fully prepared. Get The Facts Right When visiting your eye doctor, it is essential to get the facts about your family history. Some eye conditions are genetic, and it is crucial to have this information for an accurate diagnosis.

6 May 2021

3 Tips for Your Appointment With the Eye Doctor


Your eyes allow you to read, write, recognize your loved ones, and appreciate the wonders of the world. To protect your vision, you should visit your eye doctor for regular exams at least once a year. Here are three tips that will help you make the most of your next appointment with your eye doctor: 1. Bring your contact lenses or glasses to your appointment. Many people wear contacts or eyeglasses to help them see.

19 January 2021

Tips On Choosing The Right Eyeglass Frames For Your Face


So, you've gone to the optometrist and found out that you need glasses.  You're excited about the prospect of having better vision, but not too sure which frames will work for you.  Glasses can really work to change both your image and vision if you choose carefully.  Use this information to learn more about how to choose the eyeglass frames that will highlight your face and help you look better than ever.

18 July 2016

3 Tips To Help Alleviate Itchiness After Cataract Surgery


Cataract surgery is an effective way to correct vision that is blurred by a clouded lens. The surgery process is usually pain free and can be performed within an hour. The first few days after the surgery, your vision may seem a bit blurry, but it will quickly clear up. While your eyes recover from the surgery, you may experience some discomfort that includes mild itchiness. While mild itchiness is common, if you experience redness and swelling , then you should contact your doctor.

12 May 2016

Eye Allergies: What You Must Know


If you have watery, itchy, red eyes that are making your life uncomfortable, you might have eye allergies. Although other conditions can cause these symptoms, an allergic reaction is a common culprit. The following article examines the subject of eye allergies in more detail.  What It Is   An eye allergy occurs when your eyes are especially sensitive to a certain substance, such as dog hair. When you are exposed to the allergen your body reacts by creating histamine. The histamine, in turn, causes your eyes to water, itch and become red.

20 April 2016